Ear's Halwa

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hmm...this is the most comot cake i made i think. The cream (sake cream + chocolate ganache) was too soft so a bit hard to decorate the cake.but hey i love the taste anyway. nothing to say about this cake but what i want to say is that this cake is sooo comoottt larr.. this cake were made during fasting month so that is why i put the word 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA' on the cake.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


yarr..this is a blackforest cake!!i made it for my Ayah's burfday..well my sistas ask me to make a cake for my dad's burfday. we want to make a surprise burfday cake to my dad. So we (me,husna,cik,bgcik and amin) with our dad have a dinner at restaurant which is located at the lake. and yg best tuu..this restaurant have a live musical band that sing a song to each table, so we ask the singer to sing happy birthday song when we call them. And my dad ni plak keep wondering why were the band sing to all other tables but not ours hahah so we juzt give him an answer..1st come 1st serve la ayah..hehe padahal main hentam je sebbaik cam logic..
ok n den when we finish our meals, my brother wink wink to the staff and the staff bring the cakes along with the band singing HAPPYYYYYYY BIRRRTTHHHDAYYYY TOOO dad was just like so blur n in his head i think "aik camna depa tau besday aku nih?" n my dad br realize that it is his suprise for him when he saw the cake.haha so alhamdulillah the taste is yummy haha..ask them who ate it kay!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

CINDERELLA at 12 ting tong!

When u 1st look at this do u think this is a real baby doll or wut?hehe..this is a cake! baby doll cake!yes u can eat it except for the body n head. This cake mostly people order for the kids birthday cake n of course for a burthday gurl. well little girl and baby doll just cant be separated hehe.Well in this cake is more focus on the decoration on the baby doll's dress.. n i enjoyed doing this cake even it is bit complicated to pipe the cream for the decoration. when it is done..den here's my baby doll cake!

WiNNiE de PoOH in Malaysia!!!

HeLLOoOoOo..So just now i put the happy birthday cake..n now this is my POOH cake i made a day after the birthday cake. Actually im not a fan of PoOh but i though it is one of a kid's favourite cartoon..rite?? back to the cake..hehe..this cake also a butter cake type..but a lil bit different with the previous cake.But u know wat, this cake's decoration is complicated..huh!I have to draw the pooh picture and then put on the dough (butter cream plus cake) into the shape and correct colour. i have to emerge the pooh so that it will not flat like the base.hard?not really but complicated. In the middle of the butter cake i put the chocolate ganache to make it taste yummy. This cake i gave it to my aunt n uncle. they have 4 kids that still young so i though better to give it to them besides thay love cartoon. n im happy cuz they love the cakes so much!


HAPPY BURFDAY!!to whom?heheh anyone larh.actually this is my birthday cake dat i made last day, it is a happy birthday cake. This type of cake is a butter cake but then i cover with the butter cream n decorate it with the royal icing. And the decoration all outside the cake i made is a shell shape. For the 1st time to do that shape quit grubby hehe but then u will used to it ....this cake is so simple to do it so i think anyone can make it..sedap taw!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Bon Jour...hi n gonna start here with my cookies that i made last raya..i made these cookies 3 days before raya celebration huhu a bit kalut lar.but eventhou got no lots of time, me n my two lil crew ariffah n ajwad still can make lots of cookies.Thanx to my 2 lil crew yah!we made lot of types of cookies, cornflake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, cornflakes crunchy cookies, chocolate crunchy, carrot cake, sponge chocolate layer, latof cookies.taste?ask for those who ate it hehe.

these are some of my cookies...

mini cupcakes

cornflakes cookies

chocolate chip cookies

the hanggitzzz...

n all de cookies done!

ariffah the rockie gurl..

ajwad the poyos..